Cryptocurrency Mining Colocation Within a Power Plant

Cryptocurrency Mining Success = Real Estate Fundamentals. Location, location, location.

The old adage holds true in cryptocurrency mining as it does with all real estate asset classes. Fundamentally mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is a high density data center real estate play.

Ask yourself, what is the theoretically perfect cryptocurrency mining location…….?


The answer is a power plant in a politically stable country.

  • Hyper-Reliable
  • No Transmission Risk
  • Immediate Access to Scale
  • Maximize Profit
  • Physical Security

The problem is that one can’t get access to a power plant and install a data center….until now.


Welcome to NSDQ Mining

NSDQ Mining provides mining colocation services inside an operating power plant in St. Louis, MO USA. NSDQ is a joint venture between Ashley Energy and Bright Light Commercial Real Estate. NSDQ Mining offers immediate access to 30 MW of mining capacity. We can accommodate over 17,000 S9’s creating more than 200 Petahash.

If your mining business seeks immediate access to institutional scale, please contact us here or connect via LinkedIn.